Anony Botter
Let your team know that you care - Allow them to share anonymously

Are you tired of feeling restricted or hesitant to speak your mind in your workplace or team chats?

With Anony Botter, you can send messages without the fear of retaliation or backlash, as your identity is kept completely confidential. Our user-friendly bot makes it easy for you to send anonymous messages to any channel in your Slack workspace. And, with our advanced security features, you can trust that your anonymity will always be protected.

Not only does Anonymity Bot provide a safe space for communication, but it also promotes honesty and transparency within teams and organisations. Say what you truly think and feel, and let Anonymity Bot handle the rest.

Start experiencing the freedom of anonymous messaging today. Increase productivity and team cohesion now!

What we believe in
Anonymity increases feedback, engagement and retention

How it works

Anonymity Bot allows you to send anonymous messages within Slack without revealing your identity to anybody. Type /anony in channel to initiate.
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Anonymous message in slack app

What it can do

Send anonymous messages to public and private channels or reply to any other message without fear of being judged.

Reply anonymously on slack

Anonymity everywhere

Reply anonymously in threads to any message - no matter if it was sent using our bot or not

Slack shortcut to reply to messages

React anonymously

Thumb up or down an anonymous message without revealing your identity.

Anonymous message in slack app

Auto-hides spam

Auto hides a message if majority down votes it - at least 5 down votes are required.
Based on the user's feedback, flagged messages can no longer be seen - That View button in the the screenshot - is no longer there. 😉

Message flagged as inappropriate in slack

Poll anonymously

Create anonymous polls with up to 5 options

Vote or reply anonymously on polls

Anonymous polls on slackAnonymous polls on slack app

What Forbes says about anonymity

Anonymity will increase feedback.

According to our report, 74% of employees would be more inclined to give feedback about their company, workload and culture if the feedback channel was made truly anonymous. This also means that by not having access to anonymous channels, employees are less likely to give feedback, and employers may be missing out on key information about their workplace because of it.

Anonymity makes employees feel safer to give feedback.

Those who hesitate to give feedback do so because they have something to lose: They fear retaliation, that they won’t be believed or that they’ll be ostracized from the team. This is especially true for those in minority groups and entry-level workers who can't risk losing their job. Anonymous feedback gives everyone the ability to be on the same level and creates a safer space for feedback.

Anonymity increases engagement.

If employees are more willing to share about their needs and concerns at work, they feel like they're contributing to the culture and future of their workplace. Gallup reports that highly engaged teams can have upwards of 59% less turnover. Additionally, 41% report having left a job because they didn't feel like they were being heard, according to our report — and retaining employees begins with good engagement.

Anonymity shows you care
Sometimes appreciation can simply be found in the offer. Providing multiple ways to give feedback, including anonymous channels, shows that you're paying attention to what your employees want in terms of how to give feedback, which is in turn paying attention to their needs. And that can go a long way to creating a happy and healthy workplace.